What's That? video is based on one of our songs (also: What's That?) from Rocking and Talking downloadable 4. 
About What’s That?
Common object names, and understanding and answering the “Wh” question, “What’s that?” is the focus of this song. Each common word (12 objects) is said 5 times. The objects in this song were chosen to contain a variety of different consonant sounds in single-syllable and two-syllable words.

1. Print out the pictures (included with Rocking and Talking and GOLDEN SET).

2. Write the printed word of each object and match the printed word to the picture of the object.

3. Gather actual objects for this song or use pictures of objects, and place them in a bag as you complete singing each verse.

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What's That? - 1 song as video from Rocking and Talking downloadable


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