Alphabeat video is based on one of our songs (Sing and Eat to the Alphabeat) from Rocking and Talking downloadable 4. 
About Sing and Eat to the Alphabeat?
The tune for this song, Rockin’ Robin, is a public domain song that can be adapted to your needs in whatever way you see fit.

We use this song to promote pre-reading skills. Phonemic awareness (a child's awareness of sounds in words) is a strongest predictor of good readers. To get your child ready to read, we encourage you to help him to be aware of beginning sounds, how sounds are alike, and which ones are different.


Sing and Eat to the Alphabeat does exactly that. Each verse emphasizes a different consonant sound.

1. Show pictures and the letters of the alphabet for each word of this song (pictures some with downloadable Rocking and Talking or our GOLDEN SET). Use the pictures of this song to make a book for your child to read along as he sings.

2. Cut out all of the pictures of the foods named in this song. Work with your child on grouping them according to the beginning letter sounds, i.e. – pizza, pickles and popcorn would go in the same group.

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Alphabeat - 1 song as video from Rocking and Talking downloadable


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