'Cheese and Macaroni' video is based on one of our songs (also: Cheese and Macaroni) from Conversation Station downloadable 3. 
About Cheese and Macaroni...

This song stresses the imitation of multi-syllabic words, vocabulary of food names, the word “please,” and the conjunction “and.” This is a funny song that encourages teaching early verbal jokes (i.e. eating broccoli makes me sneeze). In addition, if a child omits the conjunction “and” in his conversation, this would be an excellent song to use as a practice for that word.

1. When these words or any words from our songs come up during the day, take advantage of some of the rhythm and tunes used in our songs to refresh the child’s memory for the words. That is the beauty of singing songs that relate to a child’s everyday activities and vocabulary.

2. Use hollow plastic tubes (PVC pipe), a Whisper Phone©, or toilet paper rolls, and dream that you are a "rock star" when singing this song. The hollow tube will amplify the sounds slightly and give more auditory feedback.

3. When singing this song, tap out the syllables of the words on your child's arm or leg to give him the sense of how many syllables to place in the words. You could also have your child clap out the syllables to help him learn this very important pre-reading skill of syllable counting.

4. Use pretend food or the pictures (included) and take turns putting the food in a big bowl, passing the bowl between you and the children who are playing the game. Stir the food while singing the song.

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Chez Raginiak, MBA author/songwriter and Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist

Cheese and Macaroni - 1 song as video from Conversation Station downloadable


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