'I Love' video is based on one of our songs (also: I Love ) from Conversation Station downloadable 3. 
About I Love...

This song stresses common object recognition, imitation of single words, and the phrase, “I love ______.” Frequent consonant-vowel practice of “la” is also included in this song, making it excellent practice for the “l” sound.

1. Cut out the pictures ((included as PDFs) and give them to your child. Have him hold up each picture as that word is sung. You can also make copies of the song sheet to follow along as he sings.

2. This song would also be an excellent matching task. Cut out the pictures of one song sheet and match them to the complete song sheet.

3. This song is excellent for making a book. Have your child draw pictures of each of the objects named in this song or use the pictures to put into a book. Having children make their own books with their own pictures of things they love would be an excellent gift for a parent during Mother’s or Father’s Day.

4. Have a discussion of what things your child loves, and make your own version of the song. Have your child draw his own favorite things and make a book using his first name, i.e. John loves pizza, Abby loves fries, Sam loves race cars, and Rachel loves pies.

5. To improve articulation of the “l” sound, hold the jaw stable by holding it in your hands, allowing the tongue to do the work.

6. These same lyrics can be sung using the melody of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”
7. Graphics are included as PDFs.

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Chez Raginiak, MBA author/songwriter and Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist

I Love - 1 song as video from Conversation Station downloadable


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