'Slide' video is based on one of our songs (also: Slide) from Conversation Station downloadable 3. 
About Slide...

This is a song that can be used to teach the common vocabulary used at the park. The vocabulary common to riding on a slide is emphasized in this song. Grammatically, this song covers the phrase, "to the _____," and the vocabulary words of “up,” “down,” and “slide.” This song also stresses the production of the vowel+vowel combination oo+ee or “Whee.”  
1. Activity Sheet – As you sing the song, play with the pictures of the slide and kids from the included Activity Sheet. Act out the song in the same way using a toy slide and little characters. This reinforces the connection between a picture and the actual objects.  
2. Our most important suggestion for this song is to go to the park or someplace where there is a slide, and sing this song while actually doing the activity.
3. Use gestures while singing “up, up, up,” and “down, down, down.”  

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Chez Raginiak, MBA author/songwriter and Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist

Slide - 1 song as video from Conversation Station download


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