Songs in this collection are also for all kids ranging from infants to elementary age.

They focus on developing imitation and interaction in children at the beginning stages of communication. Vocalocomotion contains speaking with music and rhythm. Some children find it easier to sing than to speak, and vice versa. Exposing children to both styles is key in achieving the maximum learning potential.


What else is included? 
1. Summary of picture sheets.

2. Lyrics to all songs.

3. A manual loaded with general suggestions for the pictures and Objectives and Activities for each song - basically instructions how to use each song (and all included supporting materials) with your child or student. 

4. Thematic speech and language goals for specific speech and language practice - In this section we have grouped our songs according to speech and language goals including common vocabulary, categories of objects, individual speech sounds, and grammatical structures.

5. At least one type of pictures - in color for all songs

  • Small Follow-Along Sheets
  • Large Follow-Along Sheets
  • Activity Sheets
  • Flashcards
  • Song Request Sheet



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