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Animation Station - Set 2 (11 videos)

11 Kids Can Talk songs as videos based on our second collection of songs, Vocalocomotion that is still available as MP3s from our Golden Set packed with over 100 songs and hundreds of supporting materials.

It is our second collection of some of our most helpful, fun, and engaging songs as video for young children. For all kids ranging from infants to elementary age.

Animation Station 2 video list:

Booga Choo Choo
The New BMW
Tongue Tip Time
Let's Eat
Yee  Haw
Bath time
Gonna get you
Row your boat
Put them on


All rights reserved ©, USA
Chez Raginiak, MBA author/songwriter and Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist


Animation Station - Set 2 (11 videos)

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