'Bananas' video is based on one of our songs (also: Bananas) from Conversation Station downloadable 3. 

About Bananas...

Imitation of the vowel sound “oo,” the word “banana,” and the letters of the alphabet that spell “banana” are the objectives of this song.  
1. Use a stuffed monkey to act out the song, giving him plastic bananas or bananas from our picture sheet. The picture of the monkey (included) can also be used for this song by gluing it to a box, cutting out the mouth, and feeding him bananas as you sing. 
2. During the chorus, where the monkey sounds occur, children can pretend to be monkeys in their movements and in their verbalizing. 

All rights reserved ©, USA
Chez Raginiak, MBA author/songwriter and Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist

Bananas - 1 song as video from Conversation Station download


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