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SLPs and Kids Can Talk

Our original songs were written by a speech-language pathologist (SLP) for speech-language pathologists. Using research and methods she had developed in her years of practice, our first CDs, Imitation Station and Vocalocomotion were born.  These CDs focus on developing imitation and interaction in children at the beginning stages of communication. The vocabulary is simple and repetitive. Imitation Station primarily contains singing with music and rhythm, and Vocalocomotion contains speaking with music and rhythm. Some children find it easier to sing than to speak, and vice versa. Exposing children to both styles is key in achieving the maximum learning potential. These albums are now available as videos in our Animation Station 1 and Animation Station 2 sets. Since our initial development, we have continued to collaborate with SLPs all over the world! Our connections have been made at the amazing ASHA National Convention and other smaller events where we have spoken to hundreds about the power of music to help children learn. Other connections have been made by word-of-mouth as our amazing customers share our tools with others in their districts. And, thanks to the wonderful world wide web, we have been connected to SLPs on nearly every continent providing feedback on how to adapt our songs for English as a Second Language lessons and other helpful ideas. With every connection and collaboration, we have added to our storefront. We now offering TWO albums in Spanish to support students of one of the most popular languages in the world. We have videos on using our songs in your with Proloquo2go from Michelle Sauer, MS CCC-SLP. And, most recently, Aleksandra Kardum, PhD from Croatia sharing how she uses songs for children with ASD.  Check out their videos on our website here If you are interested in joining our team of SLPs, please reach out to us on our website. We are always looking for: - Tips and tricks on how to use our tools with students, - Ways to improve or expand our product line-up to continue to provide relevant tools for students, - Other small businesses with which to team for collaboration and sales support, - And great testimonials from customers like YOU! Thank you to our current and future team of SLPs! We have been able to reach thousands of students because of your dedication and support.

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