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Father-Daughter Duo

Many moons ago, my dad set-up a recording studio in the basement. After all, he came to America to be a #rockstar

A fellow churchgoer came to him with the idea to create songs that would help the speech and language development of children of all ages and capabilities. And, that is when I became the true #rockstar. That's right, those adorable little voices you hear in each of our songs are me - with the help of my sister and other family friends. My dad became the mixer, director, producer, musician and conductor of our little bunch, and boy, did we have fun! 

So, who are we? Well, my name is Monika, and I am our marketing manager here at Kids Can Talk. I recently moved back to Minnesota to be closer to family, and we built our forever home the same year we got new jobs, got married and lived with my in-laws. I think I made it without too many grey hairs too! I love to cook, travel, plan gatherings with family and friends and work in the yard with my husband, Greg, and dog, Denali. 

My father's name is Chez. If you have been around our company long enough, you may remember our stuffed monkey whom we lovingly named "Chez"! It was named after him. Chez is the owner, visionary and musical genius at Kids Can Talk. My dad loves to create music any chance he gets, and he's always got a new tune for our holiday or other gatherings. He likes to travel, play music and go for an adventure - whether it's hiking or biking!

We will share more fun stories about our time with Kids Can Talk, and how we have grown it to be such an impactful company in future newsletters. For now, just enjoy these adorable pictures of us - before and after style!


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